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How to Maintain and Perform the Toaster Cleaning Process?

toaster cleaning process

Toaster cleaning should be performed regularly since the toaster is one of the highly used items
in the kitchen. However, it is one of those items as well which we ignore during the cleaning ritual. The crumbs and other forms of gunk continue to accumulate in the toaster on a daily basis and soon the problem starts to get out of hand. High levels of residue in the toaster can result in unsatisfactory performance and malfunctioning. In this article, we will explain how to maintain a toaster on a monthly basis and perform the toaster cleaning process when necessary.

Maintaining the Toaster Over a Month

It is more effective to maintain the toaster by following a daily, weekly and monthly ritual. We
explain below how to devise a ritual to maintain a toaster over a month:

  1. When performing the routine cleaning in the kitchen, make sure to clean the exterior of the toaster. Casual cleaning will save a lot of time and investment over a longer period.
  2. Clean the crumbs tray every week. Crumbs accumulate in the tray over time and they start to stick within a week. Make sure to clean them before it becomes difficult to remove them.
  3. Once every month, we recommend performing the deep toaster cleaning process using a suitable cleaning agent. This will ensure the efficient working of the toaster over a longer period.

Performing Deep Toaster Cleaning

In deep toaster cleaning, toaster tray and other parts of the toaster are cleaned with the help of a cleaner. Any natural liquid cleaner or soap will be able to clean crumbs, dirt or stains from the exterior and interior of the cleaner. The process of cleaning the toaster at home are as follows:

  1. Take the toaster tray out of the toaster and wipe it with the help of a cloth.
  2. Now, apply the cleaning agent on the toaster tray after rinsing it with water. Wipe the tray with the help of a cleaning brush and let it dry in air.
  3. Shake the toaster after removing the toaster tray so that any crumbs sticking inside may fall.
  4. Now, clean the interior part of the tray with the help of the cleaning brush. Make sure
    that the crumbs stuck inside have been removed.
  5. In the end, clean the exterior of the toaster with the help of a cleaning agent. Rinse the toaster properly and wipe it with a dry cloth afterward.
  6. Let the toaster dry in the air completely before plugging it again.